About Me

I was born Patricia Elizabeth Lambert at Grace Maternity Hospital in Toronto, Ontario on January 29, 1953 to Marilyn Joan and Harold Ernest Lambert. I moved to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia on September 8, 1973 and I have continued to live there, most recently moving to Langley in the Spring of 2011.

In May of 2012 I legally changed my given names to Elizabeth Ann and, on October 27, 2012, I married Douglas Harold Curran (Doug) and took his surname, thereby erasing my previous name, although this was in no way an attempt to disguise or hide myself from anyone or any organization, as evidenced by the fact that my former name is stated above.

Now that all that is out of the way, there isn’t a lot more you need to know about me except for the fact that there is something that I have to tell you. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how you ended up here. That’s called synchronicity. You are here, and there is something, well, a lot really, that I need to tell you. You might say I have no choice.

Hmm. Maybe I do need to tell you a bit more about me. As of 2019, I am 66 years old, and all my life I have felt as though I haven’t accomplished anything. This is especially frustrating because I was given the gift of a fine mind and the ability to communicate on various levels. I have spent most of the last 40 years studying consciousness (along with the concept of wisdom). I know what consciousness is, and how it operates, and that’s what I have to tell you, because it is important that you know, too.

I am not a neurologist, a neurobiologist, or a neurological surgeon. I’m an ordinary person. The only exceptional thing about me is that I have always read a great deal, and that I tend to connect the things I’ve read in various, perhaps odd, amalgamations. I analyze and synthesize and what I end up with is usually something that I find already exists. Google and Wikipedia are great for finding that out.

There is one other thing about me that you need to know, and that is that I have had three transformational experiences.

That is what I call the sort of experience that someone has when they clinically die and are resuscitated. In that case, it’s called an NDE or Near-Death Experience. These are transformational experiences (TEs) because those who live through them are not the same people afterwards. That’s and easy thing to write, but consider what it means: something happens to someone that changes their personality and their entire life, instantly. I have never had a real NDE. I thought I was having one once, though!

NDEs aren’t the only kind of TEs. There are all kinds of them, and hundreds of thousands of people over the centuries have experienced them. Many of those people never spoke of what occurred. They feared they would be labeled insane. After reading what I’m going to write in this Blog, you may feel that is an appropriate label for me. That’s okay. I must do it anyway.

Psychiatrists and psychologists claim that human personality is very resistant to change. Under normal circumstances, it just doesn’t happen.I may be reached via e-mail at info@elizabethanncurran.com

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